about us

It's because we take the finest quality, authentic, fresh ingredients. Our qualified, experienced chefs then creatively combine and balance the flavours to conjure up exquisite dishes, fit for a Maharajah.

Everyone who knows and loves quality Indian food recognises the importance of well prepared, fresh ingredients. Yet here's an added opportunity to experience a blend of new, inspired dishes that uniquely combine creativity with authenticity.

Fresh meats and vegetables. Aromatic, piquant herbs & spices. No artificial colourings or preservatives. And all our dishes are served steaming hot into special stay-fresh packs, ready to collect, or be delivered to your door - within 45 minutes*


If you want to design your own dish, we can do that too. A little creamier, a little hotter, a little more fenugreek? No problem. Just ask us and we'll cook it to order at no extra cost. Special childrens' meals? We've got those too! We want you to appreciate Indian food at its best, to see what can be done when you give the highest quality ingredients to the best Indian chefs.

Make your takeaway a special occasion, with Holy Cow. We know it will be a dining experience you will remember.